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Bartz Law Group, APC is committed to seeking justice for individuals and groups who have been wronged by their employers and other large corporations.

Aaron Bartz has prosecuted numerous wage and hour, employment, and consumer class action cases throughout his career.  Class actions involve representing one or more individuals on behalf of a large group of individuals to secure recovery for the entire “class” of individuals who have experienced the same or similar wrongful conduct or treatment.

Examples of class actions that Mr. Bartz has prosecuted include cases involving:

  • Employers’ failure to pay the regular rate of pay when compensating employees for overtime or other premium pay (i.e. meal and rest break premiums.)
  • Employers’ failure to provide meal periods or to authorize or permit rest periods, in instances where the workload for workers prevents employees from taking their breaks, or when the employer restricts the employees from leaving the premises to take such breaks, or when employers require their employees to be on call during their breaks.
  • Employers’ rounding of employees’ starting times and ending times, and rounding of  employees’ lunch breaks, such that employees are systematically undercompensated for their time.
  • Employers failing to pay the minimum wage for all hours worked, by requiring employees to work “off the clock” or by otherwise failing to pay employees for certain tasks performed throughout their workday.
  • Employers not paying all wages due when an employee is separated from his or her employment.
  • Employers omitting certain required information on employees’ paystubs, such as the total hours worked or their rates of pay, or by failing to issue paystubs that reflect total compensation earned during an employee’s pay periods.
  • Employers retaliating against employees for taking disability or medical leaves of absence, based on attendance policies and procedures.
  • Corporations misrepresenting products or services in advertising (False Advertising), engaging in unlawful, unfair or fraudulent practices towards consumers (Unfair Business Practices), or among other things, inserting unconscionable provisions in consumer contracts (Consumer Legal Remedies Act.)

Aaron Bartz has experience representing employee Class Actions in all of the above types of claims, and securing large settlements and victories.  Call Bartz Law Group, APC today to discuss your potential Class Action claim.